Wiktor Eriksson

Java FTW!

Wiktor Eriksson - About Me And This Web Server

Hello! I am Wiktor Eriksson and I am 14 years old. I'm currently working on several Java, IoT, and open source projects.

This website is running HTML5, JS (ECMA 5) and CSS3 on the front-end. The back-end is run by PHP 7.1 and MariaDB (MySQL).

This web server is run on a Raspberry Pi 3 using Apache 2 as main process to handle user connections from users. I've also included Google Analytics to track users on this website.

I had an old, now abandoned, web page in Swedish, visit it here.

What I Do

I like to experiment with electronics. I have built an alarm clock with an Arduino!

I usually have a coding project that I work on.